We are independent mortgage brokers giving unbiased advice, specific to client needs.

We save you stress and a lot of time by comparing all the products available in the market by leading lenders, providing you solution which saves you money in the long and short term. Exclusive rates discounts and products.

End to End support on your mortgage – From arranging the mortgage finance until the property transfer.

Long term relationship – You will be benefited from our regular market updates.

We partner with all the top banks and are expert on their product offerings. We deal directly with senior staff at the banks, which means your mortgage gets processed faster than following the ladder up process.

Partnered with New Age Group , our team of specialists has vast experience of both the mortgage and real estate markets in UAE and can advise you on any aspects of buying/selling/Financing a property in the UAE.

In the event of failing to deliver your mortgage pre approval, we do not charge our service fees

Most frequent questions

Do banks finance property transaction fees and is this legal?

Yes. The UAE Central Bank regulations are clear in that banks cannot finance buyer deposits or down payments. However, there are no such restrictions on financing fees, provided the applicant is eligible.

How long should my application for mortgage pre-approval take to process?

After your full set of documents are received, 3 to 5 working days for employed persons and 10 working days for self-employed applicants.

Zero or reduced bank processing fees can appear attractive but are they good value?

Usually, low entry fees result in a more expensive mortgage or higher fees on the way out.

How long is my mortgage pre-approval valid for?

Between 30 to 90 days, depending on the bank.

How much is the valuation cost of the property?

From AED 2,500 to AED 3,000, again, depending on your bank.

When should I apply for mortgage pre-approval?

This should be done before searching for a property as it helpswhen you’re negotiating terms with the seller. Why? Because the seller knows you can purchase the property and have already started the process with the bank.


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